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Buying your first home is one of the best financial decisions you can make! It’s also one of the biggest purchases most people make in their life time. That’s why our financing professionals have partnered with Colorado Grant Programs to help you with making that process easier. Not only will they be able to tell you quickly if you do qualify for a grant but also the steps that you will go through in your home buying process. Everything from finding the right mortgage, to what to expect on closing day.



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  • Not just for new home buyers!
  • Can be used with FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional Financing!
  • Can be used to purchase Single Family Homes, Condo’s, Town Homes and Manufactured Housing
  • Home Buyer and Financial Literacy Classes are available to help prepare you for home ownership.
  • Up to 5% in down payment assistance available!
  • NO minimum contribution required towards the transaction!

*NO minimum contribution required towards the transaction!

*Applicants must meet the following minimum criteria*: Meet income limits if they apply. Complete a homebuyer education class (online or in-person) prior to loan closing. Minimum credit score of 620. In addition to qualifying for the Down Payment Assistance program guidelines, you must also qualify according to the first mortgage underwriting guidelines as determined by your participating Lender